Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas Fun & Festivities 10th December 09

Nicola cleaning her work space at the end of the morning session (E6)

Tom Playing for Team Rudolf

Tom, Mr. D and Horace working together to make the class room spick and span

David cleaning the brushes and pots (section E6)

Tom S cleaning the glue pots (section E6)

Post from Victoria.(The group were far too busy , having fun on the last day)

The group decided they would like a few nibbles on the last day of term,( a party) everybody decided food they would bring. Such a good idea , only the grinch could refuse.
Of course everybody worked hard in the morning session completing individual collage work ( section E) which will be created into a group montage in the new year). Everyone helped to clean and clear away all the art materials at the end of the morning. The group set to work presenting a festive banquet of Christmas nibbles. David and Trevor invited Judith (skills for life secretary) to our feast.
Mr .D kindly entertained us by playing his guitar and singing as we ate. We then spent the remainder of the afternoon playing a game of pictionary on the whiteboard, and eating!

I would just like to say how impressed I am by your work and enthusiam to date. Everyone has worked so hard since September and I am anticipating that you are going to produce fabulous work in the new year. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Good Luck Heather

Heather popped into to the class to say her final farewell before she jets off to her new life in "Florida" !!! Heather has been a big help and a font of knowledge to myself and the department and college.

We will miss you Heather, Wishing you and your family good luck and happiness in America.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Tom - 25th November 09 Collage

Today we worked on the technique of collage. I had to think of what sort of image I could make into a collage. I decided to make a Mod symbol, like the on I saw at the Mods & Rockers exhibition at Hastings Museum. I collected a range of different papers and sorted them into colour groups. I glued the papers onto different parts of my circle drawing. When I had finished the circle I found letters in magazines . I cut out M O D and stuck the letters in the centre of the collage. Everyone in the group liked my collage.

Tutor comment- I am very impressed by your collage, you worked so neatly and organised. From a distance it looks like a painting, where the colours blend together. It looks great on the wall, Well Done. Vic

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Mr D

I have had a good day.We had to draw mystery objects. The objects were covered in wrapping paper, we had to feel them before we opened them , and then we used different pens and pencils to draw and imagine what they looked . We had to imagine what the colours of the objects were. We had to imagine the material, if it was wood or metal. I guessed many of the objects correctly.

Tutor comment-Dan, You have created some interesting drawings from this exercise. Good work . Vic

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

David. Visit to Hastings

Today we looked around Hastings Museum and Art Gallery it was very interesting. We looked at lots of pictures and art, I enjoyed all of it. I really liked the recycled peacock made from beer cans and bottle tops.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Nicola's Post 5/11/09

I practised drawing my hand with a sketching pencil in my sketchbook, this is the warm up drawing practise.( I was not allowed to look at the drawing paper as I was drawing).
Then I picked an art picture to copy and then I used some liquid transfer paints on my drawing.
David and I washed up the paint brushes and pots before lunch.
Tutor Comment - Your hand sketches are very good, the qualities in the line are interesting. Well done for cleaning and clearing up the art equipment and your work area. Vic

Sunday, 18 October 2009


Hi, I am David.
I decided to enrol on the making pictures course as I felt it would be a good way to express myself. I wish to achieve highly on the course and meet new people.Posted by Picasa
A little about me: I am 44 years old.
My favourite drink- coffee
Favourite song-Red, red wine by UB40
Favourite T.V. programme-Top Gear
I enjoy life and love my family.

Tom R

Hi, my name is TomPosted by Picasa
I love music, going out for walks, I also like anything to do with Princess Diana. I like going for trips out and seeing my family. Playing snooker and darts with a pint of Guinness is also a favourite!
I decided to enrol on the Making pictures course as I enjoy painting.

Tom S

Posted by PicasaTom Smith
I like art,drawing ,painting.I like cars.I like watching comedy movies.I have a pet dog.I enjoy this drawing course.


Hello, My name is TrevorPosted by Picasa
I am 67 years old and decided to enrol on the course as I like to be active and enjoy trying new things. I love everything about the countryside especially animals and tractors.
I feel I am a lucky person and I love life.


Self Portrait inspired by Fauvist style of painting.
Acrylic on card. 15/10/09Posted by Picasa


Posted by PicasaHello My name is Danny, I joined the Making Pictures Art Course because I like drawing and I like painting. I have many other interests, I like music, karate, kick boxing , weapon training I also have an interest in playing guitar, and writing music.
My hopes for the future are to create wonderful art and one day start an art group.

Elvis The King

Self expressionism - acrylic on hardboard. 15/10/09

Hi, I am known as Elvis the King. I am 42 years young and I love anything and everything about Elvis the King. I do not know why I enrolled on the course! However, I am enjoying it and meeting some interesting nice people.

I love Elvis, my family and good food. I enjoy listening to music, going to the cinema, the pub and seeing my family.
Posted by Picasa


Self Portrait, acrylic on hardboard . 15/10/09
Hi my name is Nicola, I am 23 years old and enjoy painting. I enrolled on the course to improve my paintings. I enjoy most things in life , watching funny films, eating pizza and listening to 80's music are top of my list.
Posted by Picasa


Self-portrait acrylic on paper, inspired by the Fauvism style of Matisse
(15th Oct)
Posted by Picasa


Hi I am Horace, I am 68 years old. I enrolled on the ASDAN, Making Pictures course to have fun, meet new people and learn how to draw.
My ideal day would be to spend the day walking in the countryside with my fiance, followed by a relaxing evening listening to music by The Beatles.


Posted by PicasaMy first self portrait sketches (15th Oct)
Posted by Picasa

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