Friday, 16 July 2010

A Brilliant Year - 100% Pass Rate- Tutor Post

What a fabulous end to a very good year, you have all worked really hard , produced amazing artwork and hope you all agree that we have had a lot of laughs. A big well done to all of you and I wish you happiness and good health for the future.
Good luck to Trevor who has moved to a new area and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you on the 17th July (although we celebrated it at Coopers). Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Judith ( The best secretary at Bexhill College) who also celebrates her birthday on the 17th.
Have a good summer and I hope to see many of you enrolling on a new course in September.
Keep drawing and painting :)
Best wishes
Victoria (tutor)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Last Supper .

The last session of college today. Everyone has passed the course so we decided to celebrate our achievement with a lovely pub meal.We decided to have a cavery meal at Coopers in stones cross. Simon took us there in the college mini bus.
Comments from the group.

Nicola - It was a lovely meal today. I have enjoyed both college courses, the trips on the courses have been wonderful and thank you to everybody.

Horace- I met up with Trevor as he has moved from Bexhill, We gave him a cake,. it was a very happy day.
David- I enjoyed today and seeing all the people enjoy themselves very much.On this college course my confidence has improved no end. Thank you very much to the group and to all the staff, fabulous staff.
Tom - We went to Coopers, we had a roast dinner and birthday cake, as it is Trevor's birthday.
Today was a thumbs up!.
Sheila- A lovely end to the course with a nice relaxing meal at coopers. It was good to see Trevor and celebrate his birthday with a tasty cake. Everyone that has come to the classes from E.R. have enjoyed themselves and the residents have all worked really hard to produce excellent work. Victoria has been a great teacher and very inspirational.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

ASDAN students Nicola and David .

Jonathan Livingston Seagull -An Illustrated version.
David and Nicola proudly display the group Making Pictures Book. They have their own illustrations in the book and are very proud of this achievment. All members of the group have contributed to the creation of the book.

There are just a few of this limited edition book! So please contact me (Victoria) 01424-215746
£5.00 each free P&P

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Nicola' s Brilliant Exhibition.

Thankyou Judith and Jane , you worked very hard and the food was delicious. The exhibition turned out very well, and it was brilliant and everyone in the group was polite and well mannered and I was absolutely exhaused at the end of the day. I would like to say Thank you to everybody as you all made my day very happy.

I am happy Tom S came down with his mum from Hertfordshire, and he thought my work was good.

I was happy that my Mum and Dad and my neighbour came down from North London for my Art Exhibition. They think my work was absoloutely fab.

Exhibition Post by Horace

Sheila's seagull collage won the support workers art competition. I helped collect the votes.
A lot of people loved my painting of Emintrude the cow. Lots of people looked at my work , they thought my work was great.

The exhibition was very nice.

David's Post - Friendship

Judith and Jane are very good chefs and made all of the lovely food and it was appreciated by everyone.
It was a happy day for all of us and the visitors enjoyed it very much. I met a lot of people who told me they enjoyed the artwork, company and the food. I feel contented and pleased that people smiled when they looked at my work. I have worked hard at college this year.
This is Stella, my mother who I love very much, she has always been there for me she thought my exhibition was very good.

Everyone looked at my work today.

I am showing the Mayor Jimmy and his wife Sandra the work that I have done.

Today was a very nice day, The Mayor and his wife came to our Art Exhibition and enjoyed seeing our work and the progress we have made. The college principle ,Karen Hucker attended the event and enjoyed our work so far.