Thursday, 24 June 2010

ASDAN students Nicola and David .

Jonathan Livingston Seagull -An Illustrated version.
David and Nicola proudly display the group Making Pictures Book. They have their own illustrations in the book and are very proud of this achievment. All members of the group have contributed to the creation of the book.

There are just a few of this limited edition book! So please contact me (Victoria) 01424-215746
£5.00 each free P&P

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Nicola' s Brilliant Exhibition.

Thankyou Judith and Jane , you worked very hard and the food was delicious. The exhibition turned out very well, and it was brilliant and everyone in the group was polite and well mannered and I was absolutely exhaused at the end of the day. I would like to say Thank you to everybody as you all made my day very happy.

I am happy Tom S came down with his mum from Hertfordshire, and he thought my work was good.

I was happy that my Mum and Dad and my neighbour came down from North London for my Art Exhibition. They think my work was absoloutely fab.

Exhibition Post by Horace

Sheila's seagull collage won the support workers art competition. I helped collect the votes.
A lot of people loved my painting of Emintrude the cow. Lots of people looked at my work , they thought my work was great.

The exhibition was very nice.

David's Post - Friendship

Judith and Jane are very good chefs and made all of the lovely food and it was appreciated by everyone.
It was a happy day for all of us and the visitors enjoyed it very much. I met a lot of people who told me they enjoyed the artwork, company and the food. I feel contented and pleased that people smiled when they looked at my work. I have worked hard at college this year.
This is Stella, my mother who I love very much, she has always been there for me she thought my exhibition was very good.

Everyone looked at my work today.

I am showing the Mayor Jimmy and his wife Sandra the work that I have done.

Today was a very nice day, The Mayor and his wife came to our Art Exhibition and enjoyed seeing our work and the progress we have made. The college principle ,Karen Hucker attended the event and enjoyed our work so far.

Trevor's Post : The Exhibition

Lots of people looked at my work.
we even had caviar!

We are taking votes for the best support workers art.

Charmaine told me that my work was very clever.I think it is fantastic too.I put a lot of hard work in it.

Vikki came to see my work. Vikki thought my "lovely ladies collage was brilliant. She gave me a kiss on the cheek. Vikki is in my collage.

Tom R's post - The Making Pictures Exhibition.

Charmaine liked my artwork she said that my work was fantastic.
David helped pour the drinks too.

Judith helped at our exhibition, she made some beautiful nibbles and served the drinks to our guests.

This is the exhibition before the people arrived.

Thats Mum, she has come to see my drawings and paintings.

The first making pictures exhibition. I had a brilliant day showing everyone my work.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Post Exhibition Tutor Post

Wow!! What a fabulous exhibition, I am so pleased it was such a major success. This is down to the fact that you are a group of very talented individuals who have worked very hard, producing a large quantity of high quality art work.

(Sorry this may sound like an Oscar's acceptance speech, but it has to be done!)

So firstly I would like to thank the brilliant artists for being warm and welcoming to everyone who came to the exhibition. Everyone of you explained to friends , family and people you did not know about your art journey on the course, you explained about the blog, the book and have all designed the group mural in the Jameson Mews Eco-garden. The atmosphere at the exhibition was fabulous, lots of mingling everyone was friendly and chatting to each other.

A big Thank You to all of the SUPPORT STAFF who have helped learners in the group. Everyone of you is brilliant and contributes in a big way to the success of the course.

We held a competition of artwork created by support workers. Everyone at the exhibition could vote for there favourite support staff artwork. T he votes were counted by Judith and verified by Judith and myself. 1st Place was awarded to SHEILA for her seagull collage and joint 2nd place to NICOLA K (Van Gogh drawing) and PETER T ( for his seagull painting). Again big thanks to such brilliant support workers.

Another star person at the exhibition was SUE. She worked her magic with display helping us to hang the paintings in the morning and was a big help at the exhibition in the afternoon.

Also huge thanks to JUDITH & JANE who are the Jameson Mews version of Nigella and Delia. They had obviously kept their culinary skills a top secret as the food created for the evening was outstanding. Also thanks for helping with all those other details such as balloons, string, e-mails , glass hire etc.

Very Well done to DAVID on the course, He wished to aim high with his invite list. David wrote an invitation letter to The Town Mayor who accepted the invitation.

Big thanks to TOM S and his MOTHER who drove from Hertfordshire for the exhibition. Everyone was very pleased to see Tom and I am glad he is enjoying his new life in Herts.

Also thanks to TOM R's parents and NICOLA M's parents who drove from London for the event.

Thank you to everyone who attended and I hope you enjoyed the exhibition.

Everyone in the list, the artists, the support workers,Skills for Life Department at Bexhill College, learners families and friends in the local community, whether you helped in a practical way or visited the exhibition, when we work together in our community we can all make a difference and fabulous art!

If you would like to purchase an illustrated version of Jonathan Livingston Seagull by the Making pictures group (limited edition) please contact me at Jameson Mews on 01424 215746

£5 per book (free P & P)

Well Done Mr.D, Nicola, Tom R, Tom S, David, Trevor & Horace. You are a brilliant group.

Victoria ( A very proud tutor)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Making pictures Exhibition

An impressive and very expressive exhibition. I was particulary taken with the McClaren Sports car and I love the painting of the friendly cow! Some real hard work has been put into all the work on display and this is a real celebration of art and of the artists themselves. Debbie Lewis x

The Making Pictures Exhibition.

Comment I had a very enjoyable time. Thank you all for trusting me with your works of art while I helped to put the exhibition up, it all looked fantastic. It was wonderful to see all the family and friends and workers turn up, and to see the enthusiasm of the students as they showed and explained what they had been doing. Well done to Victoria too

The Art Exhibition

Comments :-

wow, what a day I knew it would be ! I have been looking forward to it for a while and it lived up to all my expectations......and more. It was lovely to see all the family, friends and others enjoying the experience, and seeing all the hard work the students and Victoria had put in. It has been a priveledge to be involved..... I love coming to the group on Thursdays. Lots of love from Sheila.

The Art Experience Exhibition


Fantastic exhibition! Well done everyone! Linda.

You have worked really hard for the exhibition well done _ Victoria (tutor)

A fantastic art exhibition with an excellent collection of work! A big well done to the ASDAN group! :0) Vikki (Sandwich lady)

A great deal of work has clearly been undertaken inspiring me to undertake some artwork myself.(Rob)