Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Last Supper .

The last session of college today. Everyone has passed the course so we decided to celebrate our achievement with a lovely pub meal.We decided to have a cavery meal at Coopers in stones cross. Simon took us there in the college mini bus.
Comments from the group.

Nicola - It was a lovely meal today. I have enjoyed both college courses, the trips on the courses have been wonderful and thank you to everybody.

Horace- I met up with Trevor as he has moved from Bexhill, We gave him a cake,. it was a very happy day.
David- I enjoyed today and seeing all the people enjoy themselves very much.On this college course my confidence has improved no end. Thank you very much to the group and to all the staff, fabulous staff.
Tom - We went to Coopers, we had a roast dinner and birthday cake, as it is Trevor's birthday.
Today was a thumbs up!.
Sheila- A lovely end to the course with a nice relaxing meal at coopers. It was good to see Trevor and celebrate his birthday with a tasty cake. Everyone that has come to the classes from E.R. have enjoyed themselves and the residents have all worked really hard to produce excellent work. Victoria has been a great teacher and very inspirational.

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