Thursday, 11 February 2010

Tutor Post. No College ......again

I think we have had enough of the white stuff! Un fortunately The Trip to the Art Gallery is cancelled today, hopefully we will be able to go the week after half term, I will inform you as soon as possible. If you want to stay in the warm, make a nice hot drink find a comfy chair , drawing paper and pencils. Sit down and draw a small section of the room you are sitting in, it would be great if you can bring in your drawings to the next class.
Keep warm, keep drawing and take care

Victoria (tutor)
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  1. thats a shame :( hopefully itll all be over soon! i know how it feels we had bad snow in the uk a few weeks ago that made life very hard considering we as a country arent even prepared for a bit of ice half the time lol!

  2. good morning... I know all of you are sooo tired of the snow, but I have to tell you... to this Florida girl, it's just beautiful. I do wish we would get it occasionally here, but I think I'll just have to be content with gazing at everybody's lovely pictures!!

  3. I am completely over the snow!